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Random Music Rant

Im here, singing Hilary Duff songs from like early 2000s, and I still remember all the lyrics!

I really wish studying for a test was this easy.. D:<

Oh well, just enjoying the trip down memory lane. Im not going to say, ‘that when there was good music!’

Because I mean, come on, there has been a few good songs out, here and there!

I think what it is, is that all that comes out are dance songs that have absolutely no meaning, and all that.

But still, there are good songs… heard Adele lately? ;)

I have nothing to complain with today’s music, except add a little emotion once in a while. And to tune down all those pre-recorded beats and sounds. Instruments were created for a reason! Add a acoustic guitar, piano, heck even a flute! It’ll do wonders :D

….How did I go from Hilary Duff, to ranting about music… I really gotta work on staying focused!

These songs remind me of each other for some reason!

I bet you guys know the infamous, “Moves Like Jagger” from Maroon 5? Well I was listening to random K-pop songs, and I heard “Troublemaker” from Troublemaker. They remind me of each other for some reason! Check it out on Youtube. For some reason, Its like I get the exact same vibe. Probably cause of the whistling parts or something.. Idk! xD

Moves Like Jagger:

But I have to say, If I had to choose between the two, I would choose troublemaker. Cause now, I cant get that whistle out of my head.. :3

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